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verificato un errore e non possiamo mostrarti la mappa delle possibili destinazioni! Siamo spiacenti, ma Ispirami non pu essere eseguito su questa versione del tuo browser, prova una versione pi recente o un altro browser. The food here also makes full use of rich and creamy sauces and they also produce some delicious soups which are frequently eaten in the winter months. Turin, just an hour's drive from the French border, the city of Turin boats a unique feel. Most famous for being the hometown of the former royal family Turin still has a regal atmosphere with grand boulevards and sophisticated shops and museums. Explore the market, if you want to sample some local food, then head to Porta Palazzo market.

Located just along the coastline from the French Rivera its Italian counterpart exudes just as much glamour but at a fraction of the cost. The water comes from the nearby Alps meaning that it is as delicious and fresh as you could wish for. Hotels in Turin, things to Do in Turin, exploring Turin. Turin is a gem nestled amid the Alps in northern Italy and is a wonderful place to visit for a memorable holiday. Food and drink in Turin, turin restaurants, if you're feeling thirsty and it's a little too early to sample some Italian wine, then the many fountains across the city offer perfectly good drinking water. Another one of the finest museums in the region is the Egyptian Museum.